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The Magic Mirror

The magic mirror The magic mirror The magic mirror

Comparing different frames, side-by-side, on screen is so much easier, even if you have good eyesight. Being able to view two (or indeed four) spectacle frames along side each other gives you something you could never achieve with a standard mirror – the opportunity to compare the visual appearance one spectacle frame has, head to head with another spectacle frame.

The system saves you time and gives you the added benefit of knowing you have been able to choose the frame that gives you the look you want. Many patients have commented that the system enabled them for the first time to see and select the spectacles they really wanted, finally giving them spectacles they wanted to wear – not spectacles they just have to wear.

The benefit and experience is even more magnified for patients with poor eyesight. They can fully 'participate' and will often have a better understanding of the key differences between frames. Differences which can be crucial on higher power prescriptions.

Another of the digital imaging systems key advantages can be seen when selecting tints and sunglasses. If you try and view a sunglass in a standard mirror, your visual perception of how they really look on you is hampered by the tint colouration and density.

Once the digital image has been captured, you can remove the sunglass and view the true appearance they create, thus enabling you to narrow down, fine-tune your choice.

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