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Digital retinal imaging

Topcon Digital Retinal Imaging Camera

Walters Opticians are pleased to announce that we can now offer you the latest in digital retinal photography. Our new Topcon camera allows us to take an instant photograph of the back of your eye.

The cost of this state of the art equipment is not met by the NHS but we believe everyone could benefit by it and we therefore do not currently charge specifically for it.

  • This better, more detailed inspection of the retina allows for a fast and more reliable diagnosis than has previously been possible.
  • Abnormal images can be stored on a computer and recalled to monitor changes from one visit to the next.
  • If referral is necessary to an eye specialist the picture can be sent with your referral for a more efficient diagnosis.

Digital Retinal Imaging - What it Does

Digital Retinal Photography allows us to capture an image of the back of your eye that we record and can compare against each time you have an eye examination. This not only allows us to monitor and treat known conditions you may have, but also allows us to detect eye conditions in an early stage that may not otherwise show symptoms.

The brief list below are examples of the eye conditions that we can detect using this technology. For more information about each condition, and to view an example of a Digital retinal Photograph, simply click on the underlined eye condition.

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