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Childrens glasses & spectacle frames

If it is found that your child will benefit from spectacles, the good news is that there is an exciting array of specially designed frames to choose from and many young people think spectacles are cool to wear.

Branded childrens spectacle frames like the Barbie, Action Man, Superman, Supergirl, Pepsi and Batman ranges encourage your child to enjoy choosing and wearing their new spectacles.

Superman Childrens Spectacles
Supergirl Childrens Spectacles
Batman Childrens Spectacles
Barbie Childrens Spectacles
Atom Childrens Spectacles
Top Secret Childrens Spectacles
Pepsi Brand Childrens Spectacles


For all children under 16 years old, the NHS pay for the eye examination and contribute towards the cost of any spectacles and even contact lenses.

There is a special up-to-date range of spectacles, which Walters Opticians have made available at no charge at all to your child. There has never been a better time to ensure your child's eyes are developing normally.

For more information on the current ranges of childrens themed eyewear,
call into you nearest Walters Opticians practice.
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