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Visual Stress Overlay assessment

Many thousands of individuals who find reading tiring and unpleasant, unknowingly experience visual stress. They have to work harder than their peers to achieve the same outcomes, often with extra tuition. Many could be helped by overlays or Precision Tinted Lenses.

A primary eye examination which checks for the existence of refractive errors, such as long or short sight or astigmatisms, is free of charge to school aged children under NHS provision. It is important to rule out or treat other vision deficits before testing for Visual Stress. Once the eye examination has been carried out, a test for the existence of Visual Stress can be carried out

. Initially we would carry out a Visual stress assessment with coloured overlays to ascertain if colour will improve a patients reading rate by a significant amount. Where the assessment indicates that using overlays does improve the reading rate, a patient will be asked to use the overlays for 2 weeks. after this period the patient will be contacted and the outcome of the trial reviewed.

In many cases where the overlays improve comfort and reading rate significantly, it is advisable to consider a more in depth Intuitive colorimetry assessment, this will fine tune the colour and enable us to produce precision tinted spectacle lenses.

The initial Visual Stress Overlay assessment takes around 30 minutes and costs £25.00. The  coloured overlay  sheets are £10 each. A full intuitive colorimetry assessment can be carried out following and overlay assessment, the full colorimetry assessment is £40 and can take around 30 to 40 minutes.

All our precision tinted lenses are made by Cerium Visual Technologies and are supplied with wavelength specification and  usage charts and details, the lenses start from £120 per pair.

To find out more call our practices on 01427616506 or 01522686200 and speak to either Roy Walters FBDO SMC (tech) or Karen Everatt FBDO CL.

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